National Grounds Maintenance Services: Where Do We Work in the UK?

At SPA Landscaping, we’re incredibly fortunate to have found ongoing success over the years, which has seen our family-owned national grounds maintenance business go from strength to strength and take care of everything from small sites through to large commercial properties.

From our humble beginnings over 40 years ago, we’ve seen our headquarters continue to grow and expand, including the introduction of additional operational depots all over the country. This means that, despite being based in South Yorkshire, we’re equipped to offer a range of nationwide grounds maintenance and landscaping services for our clients, no matter where you’re based in mainland UK.Read on for some real life examples of our commitment to making our clients’ landscaping and grounds maintenance needs a reality across the country.

We handle grounds maintenance for multiple clients in Middlesborough, including a large commercial business park and a high profile retail park.

The large business park site runs to 25 hectares and needs weekly visits to keep it looking its best, especially when the property comprises of not only an office complex with multiple buildings and car parks that features formal planting, plant screens and shrubbery, but also includes woodlands, ponds and lakes. These outdoor spaces need to be tended to regularly with specialist woodland management and lake management skills that not only keep the property neat and safe for site users, but also respect the biodiversity of the area and care for the local wildlife too.

Our retail park client offers over 300,000 sq ft of retail space and 800 parking spaces, so the constant footfall means that this site needs general care year-round, including daily litter picking and other landscape maintenance services, but extra special attention during the colder months to keep it safe for customers, such as autumn pruning, removing fallen leaves and other debris and hard surface cleaning.

Although a lot of our contracting work comes from maintaining corporate grounds and business complexes, we’re also more than equipped to deal with cultural venues and heritage properties too, such as the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln.

The IBCC is world-class facility that honours the lives of the many men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War II, serving as a memorial to commemorate their bravery as well as a venue that hosts a range of events, from concerts and family fun days to military-oriented events.

We’re proud to have worked on this site for many years now, from making significant landscape improvements and renovation works ahead of the site’s opening in 2018, to ensuring the grounds’ continued maintenance ever since for this important monument, including formal lawn maintenance and turf regeneration or replacement, shrub and hedge maintenance, tree surgery, hard surface maintenance, planting work and fencing and more.

Nationwide landscaping maintenance for single clients across multiple sites

As well as working with clients that are further afield on single sites, we also offer contract grounds maintenance services with single clients to cover landscaping on multiple sites all across the UK.

When Costco decided they were going to expand their range of services and install petrol stations at select locations across the country, we were tasked with implementing full-scale landscaping installations on these sites nationwide, alongside the construction work to ensure that everything came together completely on schedule. This included topsoil installation and amelioration, soft landscaping and tree planting.

Another nationwide client tasked us with implementing wildflower meadows across the over 70 properties in their UK-wide portfolio, transforming over 21,000m² of amenity lawns on their business workspace sites into grassy meadow wildlife habitats that encourage pollinators and other wildlife and help the company to improve their biodiversity net gain. We now provide ongoing maintenance to manage these areas, as well as continuing to support our client in upping their eco credentials with a biodiversity strategy across their portfolio of holdings.

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At SPA Landscaping Ltd, we specialise in creating and maintaining outdoor environments that elevate the experience for anybody who comes into contact with them. From regular grounds maintenance to full-scale landscaping projects, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you're looking to transform a neglected outdoor space or enhance an existing one, we have the knowledge, experience and passion to exceed your expectations.


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