Caring for the Environment

SPA Landscaping maintain the highest standards of Environmental Responsibility. We regularly review our procedures and methods to ensure we minimise or remove any impact to the environment. Some of the core ways we minimise our impact on the environment are as follows.

  • Recycle green waste at our depot where cannot be recycled at source.
  • Use mulching machinery where possible.
  • Return all hedge cuttings, shrubs and trees where possible back into the soil as mulch once shredded on site.
  • Utilise green compost bins at source where waste can be fed back in to the landscaping.
  • Use only the most efficient machinery.
  • Use only the most efficient vehicles.
  • Plan all journeys to make efficient use of the transport and minimise mileage.
  • Source materials from suppliers with their own environmental policies and procedures to ensure all materials are sustainably sourced.
  • Review recycling procedures and monitor staff.
  • Minimise administration waste and maximise energy efficient administration electrical items.
  • Limit the use of pesticides and commodity substances.
  • Encourage replanting/ landscaping schemes.

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