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We supply grounds maintenance teams to hundreds of sites across the UK. We handle the landscapes of small sites through to very large commercial properties such as this large commercial business park depicted here. With 25 hectares, and lakes and ponds to care for as well, we’ve pooled all of our team’s skills sets to deliver this service package for this client in Middlesbrough.


There are scores of landscaping companies and grounds maintenance gangs out there that will mow lawns, prune shrubs and clip hedges, they will litter pick and perform hard surface cleaning too. But it takes a grounds maintenance company of 42 years’ experience to also incorporate woodland management and lake management skills into a contract, to keep a very varied site under control and looking at its best.  Most especially when that site runs to 25 hectares and needs weekly visits to keep the plot looking like there is an on-site groundsman looking after it all full-time.

As a large landscaped site that is home to over 50 businesses, the attractive landscaping is one of the selling points to tenants of the business park looking to take up space in the serviced offices.  The holding company that owns the land also offers bespoke developments on parcels of land in the complex, and so for the last 11 years, we’ve worked with the property owner to both maintain, but also introduce improvements to the site where needed.

Formal planting, plant screens and shrubbery are a feature of this large commercial business park.


During the summer there are 10 hectares of lawns to mow and edge. 5000 m2 of shrubs is a feature of the site, containing individual parcels on the property, acting as a screen between different areas on site and running around parts of the perimeter of the parcel of land. We plant and maintain 1,000 square metres of flower beds that contain shrubbery for year-round interest, and mixed plantings of perennials to introduce colour at different points in the year.  There are also hundreds of trees on site as part of the landscaping designs, that each need individual maintenance to keep in shape.

Additionally there are 5 hectares of ponds and lakes and about 4 hectares of woodland areas to maintain. Managing bodies of water requires a specialist skills set to remove aquatic weed, silt and algae, to avoid overcrowding of vigorous varieties and to maintain the ecological balance of the waters. We dredge, weed harvest, roto-till and rake the ponds and lakes, to avoid a biomass build up in the bottom of the ponds and to introduce oxygen back into these bodies of standing water. Managing banks and marginal planting is also a feature of the work we carry out on site, and with paths and walkways to maintain, we play our part in keeping these parts of the site safe for users of the landscape as well.


With an more informal wildlife area with ponds, wildlife walks and trees in other areas of the site, we have to employ a number of grounds maintenance and garden and landscape care skills to service the needs of this large site.

The woodland on this site acts as a visual barrier within the landscapes, but also helps the large site achieve higher levels of biodiversity. Woodland management is different to the specimen tree management we employ elsewhere on the property. Controlling the understory is vital to maintaining a healthy woodland ecosystem, that allows the trees to reach their full potential, and so regular inspection, weeding and ground clearance is a feature of the management of this part of the site.

With the woodland extending to over 4 hectares, we have a lot of waste material from clearing jobs. All organic waste matter is disposed of via compost heaps established in the unvisited parts of the woodland areas.  We also chip fallen trees and re-use onsite for mulching beds to help with weed suppression, improving the carbon footprint of the property through these activities. Maintaining balance like this reduces the need for us to remove large volumes of organic matter and reuses what’s on site to help manage the landscape in situ – a money saver that also helps the property owners up their eco credentials at the same time.



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