Preventing Water-Related Accidents: The Importance of Water Safety in Office Landscapes

Office landscapes play a vital role in creating a pleasant and productive work environment. However, when water features such as ponds, fountains or irrigation systems are part of the design, they can present potential hazards if not properly managed, so prioritising water safety is crucial to protect employees, visitors and maintenance staff from accidents.

Water features add visual appeal, promote relaxation, and can even enhance the microclimate of office surroundings. At SPA Landscaping Ltd, we carry out business park and office grounds maintenance across the UK, so we understand better than anyone the importance of water safety in office landscapes, as well as the need to keep your external premises presentable and safe to create a lasting positive impression.

Let’s explore some of the essential safety precautions to consider to help prevent water-related accidents in office landscapes, ensuring that these serene features remain both beautiful and safe for employees and visitors alike to enjoy.


Key precautions for water safety in office landscapes

Strategic water feature placement and office landscape design

Proper landscape planning and design are the first steps in preventing water-related accidents. Ensure that any water features are clearly visible to avoid accidental falls, and have lighting installed to enhance visibility during evening hours.

Place water features in areas with controlled access, especially deeper ponds or larger fountains, to minimise the risk of unsupervised access.


Safe non-slip walking surfaces

Slippery surfaces near water features are a common cause of accidents. Using non-slip materials for paths and walkways around water features can help prevent slips and falls.

Having a regular grounds maintenance schedule in place to inspect and maintain these areas will keep surfaces clean and free of algae, moss, or other slippery substances that could cause a potential risk.


Proper fencing and barriers for water features

Installing appropriate barriers can prevent accidental falls into water features. Install decorative fencing or railings around larger water bodies, or consider using dense planting of thorny or thick vegetation to act as natural barriers.


Clear signage around water

Clear and visible signage can help prevent accidents by informing people of potential hazards. Place easily noticeable signs around water features to warn of slippery surfaces or deep water, and provide emergency instructions on what to do in case of an accident, including contact information for emergency services.

Regular water feature maintenance and inspections

Ongoing maintenance is crucial for water safety in office landscapes. Make sure the water is tested and treated regularly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria or algae.

Ensure that the structural components of your office grounds water features, such as pumps, fountains and retaining walls, are inspected periodically and repaired whenever necessary. This maintenance work should also include checking that any irrigation systems are correctly set to avoid water pooling on walkways or lawns and creating a hazardous environment.


Staff training and emergency preparedness

Finally, training staff and having emergency plans in place are essential safety measures. Educate full-time staff on the premises such as security guards and/or reception workers on water safety protocols and emergency procedures.

Be sure to keep emergency kits, including flotation devices and first aid supplies, readily accessible near larger water features.


Partnering with SPA Landscaping Ltd

Water features can significantly enhance office landscapes, providing both visual and mental benefits. However, ensuring the safety of these features is of the utmost importance. By following essential safety precautions - such as strategic placement, proper maintenance and staff training - businesses can prevent water-related accidents and create a safe, inviting environment for everyone.

Professional landscaping services bring expertise and experience in designing and maintaining safe, attractive office landscapes. By partnering with a professional grounds maintenance service such as SPA Landscaping, you can rest assured that your office complex water features are not only visually appealing, but also comply with all necessary safety regulations.

From regular grounds maintenance to full-scale landscaping projects, we work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life. Whether you're looking to transform a neglected outdoor space or enhance an existing one, we have the knowledge, experience and passion to exceed your expectations.

Check out some of our office grounds maintenance case studies, including the ongoing maintenance of a 25 hectare business park with lakes and ponds, the transformation of multiple mixed office spaces to improve biodiversity and the landscape renovation and regular maintenance of Thorpe Business Park.


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