Environmental and Landscape Maintenance of a Business Park

Businesses are always searching for ways on how to grow and with the inspiration of a new decade here, we thought we’d share our thoughts on how commercial enterprises and business parks can bolster themselves through the exterior appearance.


Firstly, business parks constantly face the challenge of establishing an environmental plan to ensure an eco-friendly habitation. When designed and planned correctly, the impact of suburban sprawl is minimised, whilst the ecological benefits are maximised. Though this is typically a job that is difficult to manage in-house due to the time and experienced required. This means choosing the right maintenance plan (and the right contractor to implement it) is key. To assist with this first hurdle, we created a free ‘Business Parks Checklist for 2020’ last month, whilst also offering a free site survey for the second challenge. 


Landscape Management for Business Parks and Office Complex


Now, when we talk about improvements around your office complex or business park, we’re not necessarily going to suggest a complete landscape renovation. Little things such as purchasing interior plants for the office will make a big difference. Even if your office barely has any natural sunshine, don’t worry – plant species such as Calathea and Spathiphyllum are much happier in the shade (and easier to look after).


Additionally, there’s a good probability your landscape is already in place and you just require a landscape management plan. The list of tasks can sometimes be quite daunting with everything from grass cutting and shrub pruning to litter removal and hard surface cleaning falling into the pigeon hole of grounds maintenance. However, tailoring your maintenance scheme and enlisting a professional contractor can help bring economies of scale.


Renovating and integrating your landscape


Naturally, the thought of renovating your outdoor landscape may fill you with trepidation, but there are many ways in which you can increase the biodiversity within business parks. It’s not always necessary for you to scrap what’s there as many commercial enterprises have been able to integrate their existing landscape such as Barnsley Hospital and their new Memorial Garden.


Like with any renovation project, understanding the improvements required is the first stage. If you’re looking for new shrubbery or bedding plants, it’s good to know which plants you should be planting for 2020. However, it’s also key to note how these will integrate with the existing landscape, and that begins with understanding your current landscape. Is your complex more of an old style with wide walkways and easy parking? Or is it more of a modern take focusing on ecosystems and cycle paths?  


The Future of Sheffield Business Park


The modern style has been adapted by the future business parks of today, such as Sheffield Business Park, which only last year received approval for its ‘Phase 4’ expansion plan. This involves 18 acres of land between Europa Link and the A630 dual carriageway in Rotherham being transformed. 


Digesting all the options available is, understandably, an overwhelming challenge and you are no doubt wondering where to start – which is the hardest hurdle of any project. So take the 3 simple steps below to start the ball rolling for your next renovation.


  1. Understand how to improve biodiversity within a business park 

  2. Map out a rough grounds maintenance plan for your commercial business

  3. Contact a professional contractor for their advice


Remember, your choices define your brand


The amount of care and consideration you decide to invest in the environmental aspect of your business will definitely reflect on the image of your brand. And chances are, a small thing like this can set you apart from your competitors. In today’s world, customers like to identify with a certain brand, especially with environmental issues and climate change being a hot topic for the past decade. And people like to see a business person who is truly involved and thinks of the consequences their enterprise produces; they want to spend their money on things that are of a certain quality and have a backstory – such as supporting local fauna or a community, or a type of service that limits fuel or chemical usage. Remember, there are endless ways to market this and not just by using words. You have to let your actions speak for themselves.

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