SALTEX 2019 Preview for SPA Landscaping

Visitors to this year’s SALTEX will be treated to an ‘eco village’ which is specifically designed to promote the latest cutting-edge sustainable technology. A programme of demonstrations will run during both days at the popular landscape and sports amenity exhibition.

Eco Village for Landscaping Machinery

Within the village there will be industry experts who are able to offer their advice on green technology as well as company representatives. Visitors will learn how these carefully selected products can benefit current working practices.

Market leaders such as STIHL, Huqvarna and Allett Mowers will all feature throughout the exhibition. STIHL will be introducing the new MSA 220 C-B, the most powerful cordless chainsaw in the SITHL range, whilst Husqvarna continue to proudly present their range of battery and robotic innovations. Allett Mowers will be using the Eco Village at SALTEX to unveil their new and exciting product, which is being kept a complete secret until the show.

Alternative to Pressure Washing

Remaining on the subject of environmentally friendly products at SALTEX, the range of Westermann Radialbesen weed and moss brushes will be celebrating one-year in the UK at the show. Officially launched during SALTEX 2018, the chemical-free power machinery has experienced a highly successful year with UK distributors SPA Power Machinery.

Designed to replace jet and pressure washing, the brushes don’t require any chemicals or water to remove thick moss and weeds from all hard surfaces. Throughout Europe, this method has been the norm for the past few decades. In Germany many more chemicals are banned than here in Britain, so companies such as Westermann Radialbesen have established a reputation for chemical free removal since 1989.

Anticipation for the show is high after following on from a successful open day for SPA Power Machinery. The Sheffield based firm will proudly showcase the innovative range at SALTEX 2019 whilst also offering special offers to celebrate the one-year anniversary. It’s about time that we, in Britain, caught up with our counterparts across Europe.

Here at SPA Landscaping, we are constantly working towards reducing our chemical usage and have been pro-active in supporting the growth of Westermann to both our peers and competitors within the industry.

Alex Anthony, Director at SPA Landscaping talks passionately about the subject in the build-up to SALTEX:

We’ve been operating as a family run landscaping business for almost 40 years and have witnessed the growing trend of bringing a greener future. For years we’ve looked at how, as a company, we can increase our recycling and adapt the way we operate. Now, with new innovative products such as the Westermann Moss Brush, it opens the door for us to not just change our way of operation but our peers as well. Heading into 2020 we plan to drive the industry forward and lead the change for a greener future. With support from suppliers, a team complete with an enviable amount of knowledge and a passion to maintaining the most efficient ways of operating - we couldn’t be more ready!

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