Reducing Chemical Usage

As we approach the next decade, the conversation about how to become eco-friendly intensifies, and for good reason. The world’s climate is being destroyed and only ourselves can reverse that. Having worked with the earth for 40 years we as a company, and individuals, are passionate about adapting to the most eco-friendly methods of work.

If the time for being pro-active was 10+ years ago...

Where does that leave us now?

Over the years we have strived to incorporate a number of schemes to constantly reduce our chemical usage and improve our carbon footprint. From recycling our waste to using specialist adjuvants in our day-to-day working.

The latest step has been the introduction, and promotion, of using chemical free weed and moss brushes. As part of our complete service to clients, we offer the removal of moss and thick weeds. In the past this has been with chemical weed killer, now, thanks to the arrival of the Westermann Moss Brushes, we are able to offer this as a chemical-free service. For the few occasions the brushes aren’t suitable, we have also invested in the latest spraying technology, which allows us to better control the usage of the weed killer with the pressure gauge output.

Reducing miles and using the most efficient equipment is key to constantly reducing our carbon print. And such, on top of the additions already mentioned, we also ensure that we’re using the latest advanced technology to carefully plan our works. This includes precise route planning for jobs and choosing, where possible, battery machinery over petrol driven.

Fine details also don’t go amiss, alongside reducing miles and selecting the most eco-friendly methods, we also conduct our machinery services by using reusable parts wash solutions.

A Greener Future

We accept that these are only small changes in a worldwide movement and we are constantly striving to seek better methods. However, if we all made a conscious effort to make small changes, this would create a huge global difference.

10 years ago it was already time to be pro-active. Today is the time to take immediate action, starting now.

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