Why Gritting and Snow Clearance is Important

Gritting and Snow Clearance is one of the most important forms of Grounds Maintenance in the Winter months. Keeping your site accessible through removing any snow and gritting paths will ensure it is safe for all your staff and customers to access the areas without any issues.

At SPA Landscaping we can provide bespoke gritting and Snow Clearance services to make sure your site can stay operational in the coming winter months.


Despite how pretty snow can look is can cause major health and safety risks to everyone trying to access your site. Ice can formon paths and even under the snow and in areas you think are not icy, there could be the dreaded Black Ice. In the UK is ca be very likely that customers and your employees, will not have the correct footwear for these conditions. Falling and injuring your self due to the ice is a MAJOR health and safety issue and must be tackled before anyone attempts to access your site.


Another issue is the ability to access your site, due to snow piling up on pathways. If the snow gets too deep on your site, you can not open safely. The most important areas to make sure are clear of snow are building entrances, car parks, pedesrian walkways, shortcuts, sloped areas and areas, constantly in the shade or wet.

Ability to Open Your Site

If your site is a Hospital, is it as utmost importance to insure all snow is cleared in the important areas and there is sufficient Grit on paths ways and entrances. On the NHS Website it states;

"Snow and ice may present risks to the continuation of the provision of services which are provided by the Trust and may present risks to service users, visitors, staff and others who access the grounds and buildings that are utilised by the Trust. It is therefore important to plan ahead for potential problems that may because by snow and ice. The Trust is required to demonstrate that that it is acting reasonably in the event of snow and ice conditions and that it has plans to reduce the risks"

if these procedures are not set in place it can result in a major closure to the site and hospital, which can not happen due to the risk to patients. At SPA Landscaping we can provide your trust with the services to ensure you plan ahead and decrease the potential risk that Snow and Ice may form.

What We Can Do at SPA Landscaping

At SPA we can provide you with all the Snow clearance and Gritting services you for your site, including but not limiting to; Manual and Machine Application, Manual and Plough Snow Clearance, GPS on site arrival alert system, Multiple weather forecast monitoring, Post code and grid reference monitors.

We also allow for either manual customer trigger Call Out, where you the customer lets us know when you need out services, or automatic trigger call outs if the temperature is below a set level and there is over a 25% chance of snow, we will come out to your site.

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