What Are The Benefits of Planting Trees on Your Commercial Grounds?

Planting trees can actively help offset emission, help your company engage with your local community and help produce local plant diversity in your local area. As well increasing native plant diversity, planting trees can also reduce groundwater in areas that are unwooded and help with flood prevention.

Flood Prevention

Flooding and groundwater can be a prominent problem across country, especially in late winter/spring, where the highest levels of rainfall occur. By planting more trees on your Commercial Grounds, you can improve the quality of the soil structure and reduce groundwater. All of this will reduce erosion and property damage than can be caused by flooding.

With Climate Change in mind, the likeliness of larger rainfall and wetter springs are higher, which will cause flooding, and planting trees can help counteract this major problems.

Increase Native Biodiversity

Native trees have the benefit of helping improve local biodiversiy. They do this by co-developing alongside other native species, such as shrubs, fungi, beetles and other animals, and evolve to be the best ‘host’ possible for them.

The type of tree doesn’t matter either, whether you are planting oak, ash trees or beech, they will help increase the biodiversity. In turn, if you are planting multiple types of trees on your site, it will create an even more diverse eco-sphere.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility is something that all companies must take into account as part of the UK Companies Act of 2006. (

a director of a company must act in the way …and have regard for (sic).. the impact of the company’s operations on the community and the environment”

Tree planting is a good way of demonstrating your Corporate Social Responsibility, through increasing profile with your local community, meeting environmental needs and boosting your relationship with your clients and suppliers through demonstrating environmental care.

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