Volunteers join SPA to install new bedding plants at Barnsley Hospital

Small details matter and in the run up to Christmas is when they often count the most. The Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is embedded in the heart of the local community, serving over a quarter of a million people a year since the 1970s. The tireless dedication by their staff and volunteers alike doesn’t go unnoticed, which is why here at SPA Landscaping, we wanted to give a little bit back.

Last year they cared for over 61,000 patients in the hospital, saw 268,000 in clinic appointments and treated 78,000 in the emergency department. Offering moral support to this many patients and their visitors, is, at times, a challenge. Yet those working at the hospital, renowned for their kind hearted spirit and friendly culture, have always strived to continually improve the surrounding environment.

Memorial Garden Landscaping

We worked recently to transform their current ‘memorial area’ from a couple of benches around a tree into a bright and peaceful garden for visitors and patients, and the results were outstanding. Barnsley Hospital now have a memorial garden to be proud of and due to the increased popularity, the hospital holds events throughout the year. These occasions allow visitors to bring gifts to leave around the tree or plant new bulbs in memory of loved ones.

Recognising how much of a lift this new area provided Barnsley Hospital had us wondering, what else is there that we as a company can do? It was clear that celebrating the importance of their volunteers was a very key agenda. And so, we invited their volunteers, and the community, to assist the SPA Landscaping team in planting new bedding plants around the hospital. An activity that took less than an hour, with results on the large end. Locals commented on how impressive a job so small was able to generate such ‘a glow’ at the entrances to the hospital.

Blossoming Hospital Frontage

A volunteer from the hospital commented:

I think it’s been a great idea, the plants that we’ve planted look really nice and cheer people up – it’s been a pleasure to be involved. As long as we keep them watered and look after them, they’ll most certainly cheer the place up. I volunteer at the hospital because of the great staff, helping save people’s lives and I like coming here because you have a laugh

Caring for the plants has become part of our regularly maintenance of the grounds surrounding the hospital and upon a recent visit Mark Swift of SPA Landscaping spoke about the positive effect the blossoming flowers have:

We always talk about it being the small details that matter the most and this is clear to see with the new plants around the hospital. The colours offer a wonderful glow at all the entrances and at hard times for visitors it can be a welcome addition. I know when I’ve visited friends and family at hospital it can really make a difference, even if you don’t initially realise.

You can watch the highlights on our YouTube channel.

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