Signs Your Trees Are in Need Care

Trees are an important part of any Grounds or Landscape. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they provide shade, clean air, and can increase in property value. However the health of trees can often be overlooked. Knowing when your trees are in need of care and attention is very important, as it can have very serious health and safety implications if they are not looked at.

So how can you know if your trees are healthy or not? Read on to learn what you need to be looking for.


It isn't always obvious when your tree starts to die, however it can become very dangerous when it does. Some of the signs to keep an eye out for are, crack starting to form in the trunk, decay and branches falling at random. All of these could be due to old age or disease, either way as branches become weaker the risk of them failing and causing harm to people or damaging properties increases. 


Overgrown trees are easy to spot, if its obstructing your property or growing into the road, it's probably time to get it trimmed back. Leaving a tree overgrown can result in structural problems, blocking light and even make it harder to maintain the area around it.


Similar to all normal plants, trees can become diseased. Things to keep an eye on if you think your tree is diseased include physical changes in the leaves, branches and trunk of the tree. Just because your tree is diseased does not mean it needs be 100% removed, however, if left too long in a diseased state this may be the only option. The sooner you can have your trees surveyed by a member of our team, the more likely we will be able to prevent 100% removal.

If you think any of your trees are unhealthy or are just unsure, at SPA Landscaping we have a full range of Tree Care services including surveying your site to see the state of all your trees.

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