Keeping Your Autumn Commercial Landscape Tidy and Safe As The Weather Turns Colder

As the vibrant hues of summer fade and the crisp air of autumn sets in, maintaining your commercial landscape takes on a new set of challenges. It’s important to keep slip hazards at bay through some regular outdoor maintenance and tidying. Is it time you called in a grounds maintenance team to help?


The falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and shorter days require a shift in your approach to landscape care. A well-maintained landscape not only enhances the visual appeal of your commercial property but also ensures the safety of employees, clients, and visitors. Here's how you can keep your autumn commercial landscape tidy and safe as the weather turns colder.

autumn landscape tidy up

Priority Task For Autumn #1: Leaf Removal

The picturesque sight of leaves changing colours is synonymous with autumn. However, those fallen leaves can create hazards on walkways and driveways, making them slippery and potentially causing accidents. Regular leaf removal becomes essential to maintain safe and navigable pathways. Consider using a leaf blower or a professional landscaping service to efficiently clear away the fallen foliage. Compost what you clear to use as a mulch or compost on your beds next season.

Priority Task For Autumn #2: Pruning and Trimming

Autumn is an opportune time to give your landscape a thorough pruning and trimming session. Trim back overgrown branches and dead growth to prevent them from becoming safety hazards during winter storms. Proper pruning also encourages healthy growth in the coming seasons.

Priority Task For Autumn #3: Mulching

Applying a fresh layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and flower beds not only adds a neat and polished look to your landscape but also provides a layer of insulation for plant roots during colder months. Mulching helps retain moisture and protect plants from freezing temperatures.  This is a perfect autumn job that is both practical, and that can tidy up a space instantaneously.

Priority Task For Autumn #4: Lawn Care

Maintaining your lawn's health during autumn is vital for its recovery in the spring. Keep mowing until the grass stops growing, but avoid cutting it too short. Aeration and overseeding can also be done during this time to ensure a lush and vibrant lawn next year. If your lawns are public areas, then discouraging people from walking on the newly seeded spaces will give the areas a chance to recover over the winter period too, so consider cordoning off areas that need restoration.

Priority Task For Autumn #5: Plant Out Winter-Ready Plants

Replace summer annual bedding plants with cold-hardy plants that can withstand the chillier temperatures. Evergreen plants can add a touch of greenery to your landscape even when other plants lose their leaves and cheery displays of patio planters can bring some winter long colour to an otherwise grey season.

Priority Task For Autumn #6:  Irrigation and Drainage

As temperatures drop, adjust your irrigation schedule accordingly to prevent overwatering. Proper drainage is also crucial to avoid water accumulation that can lead to icy patches. Make sure gutters and drains are clear of debris to prevent water build up and that you have cleared out anywhere where the debris of the overgrowth of summer might’ve accumulated.

Priority Task For Autumn #7: Lighting

With the days growing shorter, outdoor lighting becomes a safety necessity. Ensure that all pathways, entrances, and parking areas are well-lit to prevent accidents and enhance the security of your property.

Priority Task For Autumn #8: Snow and Ice Management

Prepare for the inevitable arrival of snow and ice by having a plan in place for snow removal and de-icing. Maintain safe walkways and parking areas to prevent slips and falls.

Priority Task For Autumn #9: Professional Maintenance

Engaging the services of a professional landscaping company can take the burden off your shoulders, or the shoulders of your property maintenance team who will have many other jobs to attend to ahead of winter.

Teams like the ones at SPA Landscaping Ltd have the expertise to handle all aspects of autumn landscape maintenance efficiently and ensure your property remains safe and appealing.

Autumn presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for maintaining your commercial landscape. By staying proactive and addressing safety concerns, you can ensure that your property remains inviting, safe, and visually appealing throughout the changing seasons. Regular upkeep not only enhances the aesthetics of your commercial space but also fosters a positive impression on clients and visitors. So, embrace the autumn landscape transition and keep your property tidy and safe as the weather turns colder.


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