How you can improve your business through your grounds

During research for this blog we uncovered hundreds of articles that talked about the benefits of keeping your office or your desk organised. Yet we couldn’t locate any that discussed the perks of having tidy grounds outside and away from your office.

So why is there so much importance placed on keeping your own space clean and tidy, yet when it comes to the lawns and shrubbery outside it’s a simple shrug of the shoulders? We’re not sure either.

However, we’re on a mission to change that. So here are some of the benefits to remaining on top of the upkeep of your grounds.

Elevate your business
If you’re a B2B business we’re positive you have many visitors, whether current or potential clients, that arrive for on-site meetings.

Place yourself in their shoes and think about every little detail they take in throughout the meeting. From walking up to the building and being greeted by your receptionist, to sitting in the boardroom and discussing business.

They will be judging you and your company from the second they see the first sign of your business name… and if you have no signs or company logos outside your building, we suggest you clear your diary for the next hour or so and ensure this is rectified immediately.

Now, your beautiful boardroom with company branded cups and professionally set up projector is fantastic. However, you might already be playing catch up because when your visitors walked to reception, they noticed the bushes hadn’t been pruned for a while and were surrounded by litter. So, whilst you may think you’re killing the meeting, they are already questioning their decision to arrive.

Think about it, an impressive work environment (and we’re talking inside and outside) implies superior products and services. And this applies to every business, whether you’re situated in an office, restaurant or shop.

Happier employees
“And being greeted by your receptionist”

Incidentally, we’re not sure how well your visitors were and are greeted. However, we do understand that the impression your visitors received from the outside grounds, is also the impression that all of your employees had this morning.

Which is another element that may not be apparent, the effect the cleanliness of your grounds has on your employees. Think about it, if your home was a bit of a mess, would you look forward to returning after work? As most employees consider their workplaces as a second home the exact same applies.

Your average person spends around 8 hours a day at the workplace, so make sure you set those 8 hours off to a great start with a well maintained and high-quality appearance. There may also be an increased productivity fuelled by the happier mood and organised space. Additionally, outside of the office your employees will still discuss work with friends on social media platforms and face-to-face. The perception they provide is entirely dependent on the condition of the work environment.

Air quality
Improving the cleanliness of the office will naturally improve the good feeling around the place but will also increase the air quality. You can achieve this by introducing a cleaning schedule, supply a proper filtration system and by taking the time to invest in plants which filter out excess carbon dioxide and pollutants.

Yes, we appreciate it’s not obvious at first, however investing in office plants really does help improve the air quality which will provide your workers with additional levels of clean air and oxygen. Additionally, there is also the benefit of the office appearing more welcoming which applies to both employees and visitors.

First and lasting impressions
We’ve touched on this in both ‘elevate your business’ and ‘happier employees’. However, one thing you may not have considered is, your visitors leave the same way they arrive, by seeing the grounds surrounding your business. So, it’s not just a first impression they receive, it’s the lasting impression… Which is why it is absolutely vital to reiterate.

Fortunately, taking steps to begin these improvements are a lot easier than you may think. As we have great experience in working with high-profile business parks and commercial grounds we’d be more than happy to offer our advice and a free no-obligation quote, if desired.

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