Battery Powered Landscape Machinery

It’s common knowledge that cars cause most of air pollution. But did you know that in the United States petrol lawn mowers represent 5% of U.S. air pollution? In metropolitan areas this can reach even 33% of the total pollution. In one hour of usage, one machine emits as many pollutants as 11 cars being driven for the same amount of time. With climate change at the forefront of the public eye, now is the best time to look at investing in a more environmentally friendly range of machinery.


Why are landscaping companies switching to green machines?

The battery powered machinery trend has grown rapidly in the landscaping sector. One of the main reasons away from them being good for the environment, is these machines produce less vibrations than their non-electric counterparts. There is less of a disturbance due to the lack of fumes and noise, making battery operated machines perfect for the public sector, such as the Wildlife Trusts, which is especially important when working in a wildlife reserve.

Another reason is that in the long run, costs are low. Yes, the initial cost might seem high, but the machine eventually pays for itself. The biggest saving will be on fuel in comparison to a petrol-powered machine. For example, some mowers can be used for an entire month for the same cost as using a petrol mower for one day. You also won’t need to change any filters or oil, meaning maintenance time and costs will be significantly lower.

Are battery powered machines useful for day-to-day tasks?

At-home users are certainly missing out on the benefits if they haven’t made the switch yet. If you are looking to buy, you will certainly become your neighbourhood’s favourite gardener – because no one wants to be woken up by a noisy, spluttering mower engine on a Sunday morning, or any morning for that matter.

People interested in green machinery are also doing their bit for the environment. Which is excellent news for all; since it means fewer toxic fumes are being released in the air (and into one’s lungs), but also less disturbance to any habitats that might be present in their garden. Bird-watching enthusiasts will find this is crucial, particularly during nesting season when it is against the law to disturb the habitat.

User-friendliness is an advantage; these innovative pieces of equipment are also helpful for people who struggle with lifting heavy machinery. They are lightweight and are not restrained by a cord, making them suitable for the elderly and non-experienced gardeners, who may find reaching for the top of hedges difficult with a petrol counterpart.

Petrol machinery vs battery powered machinery

Older battery-operated tools gained a bad reputation for powering down after 15 minutes. This made many consumers turn away from electric and still choose petrol powered equipment, especially when it came to projects on a larger scale. However, the newer models are definitely making a comeback and are on-par with standard tools.

It is also possible to carry extra batteries on a specially designed belt or rucksack, if the site requires a serious run time. Many professionals would be amazed to learn that a hedge trimmer combined with a backpack battery can run for over 11 hours, much longer than the average work day. 


How we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint

At SPA Landscaping, we take pride in being as green as we can, over the years we have strived to incorporate a number of schemes to constantly reduce our chemical usage and improve our carbon footprint. From recycling our waste to using specialist adjuvants in our day-to-day working.

On top of this, our grounds maintenance contracts include many particular scenarios, such as working in and around hospital courtyards, schools and areas of conservation where petrol is simply not an option. Whether this is due to the environmental factors or noise constraints; we recognised an investment in battery powered machinery was a necessity. With this in-mind, our grounds maintenance team are always on the look for innovative and eco-friendly solutions. By only using the most efficient vehicles and machinery; we are able to reduce our carbon footprint as well as planning all of our journeys to minimise fuel usage.

At the start of 2019, we introduced the chemical-free Westermann Moss Brush to our range of machinery. This has allowed us to continue our complete service to clients, in a more environmentally friendly way as we now offer the removal of moss and thick weeds without the use of weed killer. For the few occasions the brushes aren’t suitable, we have invested in the latest spraying technology, which allows us to better control the usage of the weed killer with the pressure gauge output.

Tackling climate change has to be a united effort though, which is why we will always share best practices on this blog with fellow professionals and like-minded people. Only when we all come together and make slight alterations to our day-to-day habits will we begin to protect and improve the environmental landscape.


Battery powered machinery is a good investment

All in all, you have to look at this as an investment. But it is possible to use a battery powered tool in your garden or project without breaking the bank. With green technology evolving ever so rapidly, soon everyone will be able to own a stellar piece of equipment that works wonderfully, is efficient and easy to use.


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