5 Reasons You Need Professional Landscape Mulching in 2022

No sooner than spring commencing and its already time for annual mulch spreading for many commercial property owners. Often the spreading of mulch can be overlooked, but professional landscape mulching is strongly encouraged for the health and vitality of all commercial sites.

Mulch is critical to your landscape's health through the year. Here are 5 important reasons to Mulch your site in 2022:

1. Stops Weeds from Growing Year-Round 

Using good quality mulch around your commercial property, such as large bark and not shredded, can help shield the soil from the sunlight and prevents it from germinating weeds.

2. Regulates Ground Temperature

Mulch protects plants and seal in heat This helps during the winter months, but also provides a cooling effect through the summer.

3. Helps Retain Moisture

During to the sealing and the cooling effect mulch provides it reduces the effect of evaporation and can prevent your plants from dehydration.

4. Visually Appealing

At SPA Landscaping we use mulch to create an aesthetically dynamic edges and borders for your site, which provides the perfect backdrop for colourful flower beds.

5.  Helps to Ward of Erosion

When your plants and flower is in slopped ground, mulch can help keep the important nutrients, where they are needed, allowing your plants to flourish.

If you are planning on Mulching your site, SPA Landscaping can provide a fully bespoke Landscaping and Mulching plan custom to your sites needs, contact us today on 0114 269 9119.

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