3 essential reasons to choose a professional grounds maintenance team

Creating first impressions that last begins by having beautiful grounds around your business, home and commercial park. Your grounds are a perfect way to express your personality in a really creative way.

As visitors approach your property the first thing that they will see is your lawns and shrubbery. Which is why it is vital to keep your grounds well maintained, regardless as to whether you decide to hire a professional outfit, or tackle it by yourself.

Remember: a clean, well-presented grounds will welcome people onto your property.

Why do we recommend appointing a professional team?

Knowledge and experience
A professional outfit will bring a wide ranging portfolio of work, which provides them with unparalleled knowledge and experience. Consider that on a daily basis throughout the year their team will be out maintaining the grounds of other businesses and homes.

When it comes to questions such as ‘how often do I need to prune?’ ‘Am I over watering the plants?’ ‘how do I know when I should next mow my lawn?’ they will always be able to offer their expert advice.

Additionally, a well-respected firm will always be happy to share previous examples of work with you and provide references for you to contact.

Economies of scale
Another benefit stemming from the knowledge and experience is the ability they have to bring you economies of scale. They should be willing to not only tailor their service to suit your requirements but also offer advice on the most effective value for money options.

Scenario: either you’re looking to install a new water feature or you already have a beautiful water feature. Maintaining it is absolutely vital, what would a customer think if they saw an algae ridden water feature at your head office or home? However, is it really time and cost effective for you to maintain the upkeep of this yourself?

Little things like the scenario above are exact reasons you should be considering bringing a professional service in.

Professional service will always offer advice
Some find the economies of scale benefit the most crucial, others feel having an expert on-board is an absolute fundamental. Because as well as the ability to save you money, they will also offer free practical advice to any questions you have. When discussing your requirements they’ll guide you, to help establish the most cost-effective, yet professional-finish option.

Here at SPA Landscaping we have almost 40 years industry knowledge behind us. Though our business has been built on core values, which is why we remain a 2nd generation, family run business. Allowing us to offer even more benefits than those top 3 reasons above.

We’d be more than happy to talk to you in more depth about your requirements and what our team can bring. If you’d like to hear more from us, please contact us on 0114 269 9119 or email

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