Public Open Space Development and Landscape Renovation

How A Landscape Renovation Of A Public Play Area Space Breathed Life Into This Public Asset

This well-loved children’s play area in Lodge Moor was in need of an upgrade for future generations to enjoy, which included some public open space development work and landscape renovation. Read on to find out how we breathed life back into this public play area.

 The SPA Landscaping team has already been supporting this well-loved public open space play area with regular grounds maintenance and other landscaping needs as and when required over the years, however did you know that we’re also equipped to carry out landscape renovation and site development upgrades when the time comes too?

 A before shot from the Lodge Moor site. After over two decades of use, this children’s play area was in need of some TLC to breathe some new life into it.

 This open space children’s playground area was installed by the building contractor around 20 years ago to provide local Lodge Moor residents of with a fun outdoor activity area, but over the decades the wear and tear has taken its toll on the facilities. Now, with the heavy usage and ever-changing safety regulations, this public open space development project called for a cost effective upgrade to the condemned play equipment due to its condition and age, to keep it open and all above board for future generations to enjoy.

Some progress pictures during the preparation of the site. As well as the play equipment, the surrounding surfaces were also in need of some attention.

We oversaw the whole project, which began by carrying out the original survey to assess the condition and safety of the play space and its facilities. To achieve ROSPA sign off, the recommendation of a new play area was made in order to keep in compliance with current UK health and safety regulations. Once this decision was made, the next step was prepare the site for its renovation and to remove any condemned pieces of equipment.

Our renovation team both supplied and installed the new play equipment, as well as any safety surfacing needed around it to provide fall protection should any accidents occur. Finally, we carried out any reinstating of the surrounding surfaces to keep the play area in tip-top shape once it’s reopened to the public.

An after shot of the brand new equipment and safety surfacing, ready to welcome local residents back to the site for play time!


Working on the development and renovation of this public open space has been rewarding not only to be able to provide local residents with a safe area for children and families to play, but to also help contribute to Sheffield City Council’s Open Space Strategy. The focus of this long-term strategy is to ensure that every area of the city has access to exceptional quality green and open spaces for everyone to use that enrich the environment and people’s quality of life for years to come, which is certainly a message we can get behind.


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What we did

  • Original survey and recommendation for new play area to achieve ROSPA sign off.
  • Removal of all condemned products and preparation of site.
  • Supply and install new play equipment
  • Supply and install  safety surfacing to achieve fall protection
  • Carry out reinstating of surrounding surfaces.

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