Tree Care

SPA Landscaping offers the complete Tree Care service to both commercial and private customers. We have over 30 years experience working with trees and always promote current best practise. Our fully qualified and experienced staff always ensure customer satisfaction and a safe working environment.

  • Full Tree Survey – includes species, condition and recommendations for every tree at required intervals throughout a contract, or as a one off service.
  • Tree reports for Mortgages, Planning Applications and Insurance Purposes
  • Local Authority correspondence regarding Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas.

Crown Raising

Removal of the lower branches to provide clearance for either buildings, signage, pedestrians or vehicles. The method of crown raising is usually defined by a height, in metres, from the ground.

Crown Reduction and Shaping

Uniform reduction of the entire crown, retaining its original shape, to provide clearance for utility lines, street lamps, buildings, or to control the mature size of the tree. Usually defined by a percentage reduction, either of the width, height or both.

Crown Cleaning and Thinning/ Dead Wooding

Cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, sickly or overcrowded branches within the crown.

Thinning is an overall removal of select branches throughout the crown.
The overall size of the crown is maintained, but the reduction is usually defined as a percentage thinned.

Both services allow more light to pass through the crown and create more air movement, making the whole tree more uniform and less susceptible to storm damage.


A service required usually to thicken a tree’s crown by removing all branches to encourage more new growth from each branch. Most popular with trees such as Willow, Poplar, Lime, Sycamore and Ash.

Tree Felling

Removal of the entire tree by either single felling or sectional dismantling. Removal of a tree could be for a number of reasons; if the tree is dead, dying, diseased, causing a safety risk, crowding buildings or other trees.

Our team have the training, legislation and experience required to provide an expert service, which includes safe felling of each tree, and removal of all waste and debris from the site.

Upon removal of a tree SPA also offer a full Stump Removal service.

Stump Grinding

By far the fastest method to remove the stump of a felled tree, by grinding the stump below the level of the topsoil this allows for replanting of the area or even turf coverage.