Tree and Shrub Planting

SPA Landscaping offers a comprehensive tree and shrub planting service. We have planted everything from single trees and ornamental shrub borders through to large schemes including 10,000’s of whips and heavy standard trees.

SPA Landscaping have vast experience and knowledge at the design and planning stage of planting. We have worked on everything from creating eye catching and appealing building entrances using low maintenance shrubs, trees, plants and ornamental materials. Through to recommending the hardiest plants available for the toughest soil types on harsh exposed sites.

Our long-standing relationships with the best nurseries in the UK and Europe ensure our customers receive the best quality stock.

Maintenance Costs

It is always necessary to factor any on going maintenance costs when planning new schemes. Due to our maintenance experience we are well placed to advise the best options and any future.

In most cases correct planning ensures:
  • Minimised plant failures
  • Reduced or Zero Maintenance costs for the future

Please call us to discuss your requirements and plans.