Sustainable Landscaping

A sustainable landscape is in balance with the local climate and requires minimal resource inputs such as fertiliser, pesticides, fuel, time, and water.

Sustainable landscaping begins with appropriate design which includes functional, cost efficient, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and maintainable areas.

By building sustainability into the activities performed under our contracts, and proposing all new areas to be of greater sustainability, SPA Landscaping achieve greater sustainability in the following ways.

How SPA Landscaping can help create your Sustainable Landscape

Establish Composting & Recycling Facilities
  • Use of Leaf Cages to form Leaf Mould to act as a soil conditioner. All Leaf Mould can be incorporated within shrub beds and planting schemes.
  • The use of Compost Bins for all weeds and soft prunings, producing composted material guaranteed to improve the soil condition over a period of time.
  • All hardwood prunings are chipped, to produce Wood Chip Mulch for use on shrub beds. We have recently invested in new chipping machinery, reducing our removal of green waste from site to zero.
  • Reflections in maintenance cost to many contracts are directly a result of this new method.
Reduce use of Herbicides

Wherever possible and practical, Hand Weeding Methods are to be used as a preference to Herbicides.  These methods shall also be complemented by the use of site waste composted material.

Efficient Work Methods, Fuel Efficient Vehicles and Equipment

All machinery used by SPA Landscaping is carefully purchased and maintained to offer the most fuel efficient, economical and environmentally caring service.  This is for the benefit of both our company and the client.

SPA employs a full time workshop fitter to ensure that equipment failure is kept to a minimum by regular repair and maintenance. Every site operative is also trained in-house in the use of all machinery and equipment.  This ensures that all equipment is used at its optimum level of productivity.

Sustainable New Planting

Most of our proposed new planting for commercial schemes is:

  • Hardy; will survive in low water / drought like conditions.
  • Resilient; will withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Evergreen; many proposed shrubs are evergreen, reducing excess leaf fall and introducing no extra maintenance costs.
Crown Reduce & Crown Raising

By crown raising and reducing all necessary trees, numerous advantages can be obtained.

  • Improvement of visibility and therefore security.
  • Trees do not over hang the buildings no longer causing damage, Health & Safety risks, excess building maintenance costs, and excess gutter clearance.
  • The removal of up to 30% of a tree’s growth can dramatically improve the light intake through a window, reducing building energy costs.
Rainwater Harvesting

In areas which require regular watering, we recommend a Rainwater Collection Facility, integrated into the guttering system from a roof, or similar.

The result is beneficial to the client, as their own water will not be required, and is kinder to the environment by reducing fuel use from not transporting water to site.