Interior Landscaping

Interior landscapes are a very important part of the working environment and have become increasingly popular over the last 30 years. Architects designing new buildings often include Interior Plants due the impact they have on the working environment.

Why are Interior Plants so Important?

Interior Plants provide a pleasant, tranquil environment and add great aesthetic value to the inside of a building.

Interior Plants Service Includes:
  • Design of Internal planting scheme
  • Supply and installation of live and replica internal plant displays
  • Plant containers available in fibreglass/ wood/ metal and custom sizes
  • Flame retardant plants and containers
  • Purchase or rental options
  • Maintenance of Internal Plants
More benefits include:
  • Promote healthier working environment
  • Demonstrate caring corporate culture
  • Absorbing noise
  • They reduce absence from work through helping to reduce stress levels
  • Proven to increase retail spend
  • Make buildings look more attractive and welcoming
  • Create a design statement
  • Can be used to create reference points
  • Can be used to hide less attractive features
  • Can be used to break up large open areas
  • They can be designed as educational pieces within a building
  • Often used to reflect national or cultural roots of a business