Gutter Cleaning

SPA Gutter Cleaning offers a complete, professional gutter cleaning service across UK Mainland. Utilising the latest technology and working to high levels of health and safety we pride ourselves on our professional, cost-effective work which helps to clear and thoroughly clean any gutters.

We carry out a comprehensive cleaning service specialising in the maintenance of commercial property. As well as using access equipment for larger properties the latest technology allows us to work with guttering at heights of up to 4-5 storeys whilst operating on ground level. This significantly reduces the risk of cleaning while being a cost effective method.

We specialise in working with commercial customers including the following:
  • Business parks, corporate offices and industrial estates
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Historical/ Heritage Sites
SPA Gutter Cleaning offers a range of solutions including:
  • Initial surveys of gutters
  • Powerful cleaning and unblocking
  • Year round maintenance
  • Regular cleaning contracts
  • Jet wash of the gutter

Under maintained guttering can lead to overflowing rain water and potentially leaks into the property, this can cause damage to external and internal walls as well as any contents. With increased levels of rainfall in the UK insurance companies are recommending that routine gutter cleaning is carried out on commercial and industrial properties to reduce the risk of water damage to properties.

Our hassle free service ensures that a safe, professional service is carried out on your site.