Green Roofs / Roof Gardens


Green roofs are a key part of the modern urban environment.

The environmental and economic benefits of roof gardens and green roofs by their very nature has greatly increased their popularity, particularly on newly constructed buildings and urban schemes.

We offer our services at all stages of a Green Roof Project, from design and feasibility studies, through to installation and aftercare programs.

Key Benefits

  • Eco Friendly
  • Promotion of biodiversity and habitat, of particular importance in built up areas
  • The image of the construction itself is visibly enhanced by the presence of the green roof
  • Insulation and cooling
  • Reduction in rainwater run off
  • Sustainability of the building – the life of the roof is doubled


Whether you require maintenance to high profile multi terrace roof gardens, the green roof to a hospital, private property or school we aim to exceed your expectations.

Our Maintenance Service includes everything from surveys and fully tailored maintenance programs to irrigation management and renovation works.

Example Maintenance Program

  • Check all drain outlets and keep clear to ensure adequate drainage.
  • Address drainage erosion channels or substrate settlement.
  • Remove litter and debris (including dead leaves from adjacent trees).
  • Remove any planting encroaching into drainage or pebble barrier areas (for example around safety systems).
  • If movement/settlement of the pebble vegetation barrier has occurred, then additional washed stone pebbles (similar to the existing) should be added.
  • Inspect healthy planting growth and repair bare patches from abundant growth areas – this will work best if this is carried out during spring maintenance and if the cuttings are kept moist and free of temperature extremes (frost and intense sun).
  • Remove colonising planting that could potentially damage the roof such as saplings, and weeds or grasses where desired.