We have great responsibility for the environment as a company. As part of our policy we are always striving to reduce our use of chemicals, reduce waste, recycle where possible, create sustainable solutions and promote environmental improvement.

Below are some of the key points within our Environmental Policy:

  • To comply with current environmental legislation.
  • To train employees in environmental issues and the effects their activities have on the environment.
  • To limit the use of chemicals unless strictly necessary.
  • To use approved chemicals and limit the chemical type to non-residual types such as glyphosphate.
  • Chemicals to be applied by license holders only in accordance with the Control of Pesticides Legislation 1986.
  • Disposal of surplus chemicals and discarded containers must be in line with ‘Disposal of Hazardous Waste’ legislation.
  • Mulch all collect grass sites to allow minimal vegetation to grow under tree/hedge lines. This will encourage wildlife and reduce chemical/labour costs.
  • Where possible disposal of arisings to be used as hedgerow mulch.
  • Where cuttings from hedges, shrubs and trees are removed from site, they are returned to our depot and shredded for compost and used on our contracts.
  • Where dead/diseased trees are felled encourage a replanting scheme.
  • Use of modern machinery/working methods to reduce pollution.
  • Vehicles and machinery to run on diesel fuel or unleaded petrol. We have recently introduced tracking and satellite navigation to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Encourage the use of native species and UK grown.
  • Continuously review and improve our environmental performance and policy.
  • Should we receive any complaints regarding environmental issues we immediately investigate, review our policy if necessary and liaise with staff.